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Based on the Richard Price best-seller Clockers, Freedomland opens as Brenda Martin (Julianne Moore) staggers, bloody and in shock, into the Dempsey Medical Center emergency room. The traumatized woman tells Detective Lorenzo Council (Samuel L. Jackson) the frightening tale of her carjacking at the hands of a black man along the isolated road dividing the mostly black Dempsey projects from the mostly white, blue-collar Gannon area. The truly terrifying element is that Martin's four year old son was in the back seat when the crime occurred.  During his questioning of Martin, Council becomes suspicious of her story. An ambitious reporter covering the case has the same reaction to the tale, and befriends Martin in an attempt to get at the real story. Meanwhile, the citizens of Dempsey and Gannon unite in the quest to find the missing boy under the leadership of activist Karen Collucci (Edie Falco). However, the investigation into the crime soon results in a flare up of long simmering racial tensions between the two neighborhoods.


News Articles about Freedomland


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