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Rebecca (Natalie Portman) is a young American woman living in Jerusalem .  Rebecca abruptly breaks her engagement to her Israeli fiancé Julio (Aki Avni), and impulsively jumps into a taxi and asks the driver to take her anywhere, as long as it’s away from the place where she and Julio just broke up.  The cab driver, Hanna (Hanna Laszlo), reluctantly allows Rebecca to accompany her on an errand to Jordan ’s Free Zone.  There Hanna is scheduled to meet “The American (Makram Khoury),” her husband Moshe’s (Uri Klauzner) Palestinian business partner who owes the couple a considerable sum of money.  When the women reach the appointed rendezvous site, they learn that “The American” has vanished along with the money.  Hanna eventually persuades a Palestinian woman named Leila (Hiam Abbass) to take them to the oasis where “The American” lives.  The ensuing journey is riddled with thugs and political intrigue.


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