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The latest offering from acclaimed writer/director Nicole Holofcener centers around four west coast women, life-long friends whose lives revolve around charity galas, designer clothes, and looking after their husbands and children; all within the means afforded by their variously sized bank account, hence the title. 


Jennifer Aniston is Olivia, the lone single friend who is experiencing a personal crisis that has compelled her to abandon her teaching job for a career cleaning other peoples homes.  Olivia seeks both emotional and financial support from her more prosperous friends as she continues her quest for a man of her own among the slim pickings available to her.


Christine and Patrick (Catherine Keener and Jason Isaacs) are a married screenwriting partnership whose relationship is tested as they embark on the simultaneous projects of co-writing a script and renovate their home.  Jane and Aaron (Frances McDormand and Simon McBurney), a successful designer couple, have come to a crossroads in their marriage.  Franny and Matt (Joan Cusack and Bob Stephenson) are the really wealthy pair, who, despite or perhaps because of their privileged lifestyle are also experiencing difficulties in their relationship.


The film paints a portrait of the group the friends and their lives in an eternal state of flux as they search for, and try to make sense of, love, money and friendship.  Also featured are Greg Germann and Ty Burrell.



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