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Based on a true story, Game 6 chronicles October 25, 1986, a date engraved in the heart of Red Sox fans, by focusing on the experiences of one man.  Playwright Nicky Rogan (Michael Keaton) is facing opening night of his newest production, and he is overwhelmed by a sense of failure.  His marriage is falling apart, his lead actor has contracted a brain parasite which causes him to forget his lines, and there are asbestos issues to deal with.  Perhaps worst of all for Nicky, the fierce critic Steven Schwimmer (Robert Downey, Jr.) - so despised he has resorted to carrying a gun to the theater - will be front and center.  Nicky himself is a die hard Red Sox fan, and his turmoil reaches critical mass when he realizes what is at stake that evening, not just for himself, but for his beloved team. 


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