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About Garfield


The cat from the comics comes to life in this major motion picture.  This movie is about the adventures that follow the entry of Odie the dog into Garfield's home by his owner Jon.  Garfield is portrayed vocally by Bill Murray and Breckin Meyer plays the role of Jon.


News Articles about Garfield


Zap2It 8/12/05 Murray Mulls 'Garfield 2'

Cinescape 8/12/05 Murray in Talks to Voice Garfield Again

Metro 8/12/05 Murray has cat's eye on 'Garfield 2'

Cinescape 4/8/05 More Garfield on the Way

Coming Soon 4/8/05 Garfield Returns!

Hollywood Reporter 9/28/04 'Village' tops $100 million as 'Garfield' nears mark

Hollywood Reporter 8/30/04 'Garfield' has int'l boxoffice purring

BBC 7/1/04 Javine in pretending to be cat shocker

BBC 6/16/04 Jennifer Love Hewitt loves co-starring with cat

Toronto Star 6/14/04 No boyfriend, but 'Love' has Garfield

Toledo Blade 6/12/04 Movie review: Garfield: The Movie

Teen Hollywood 6/12/04 Movie Review: Garfield: The Movie

Baltimore Sun 6/11/04 Despite Bill Murray's charm, fat cat's tale is painfully thin

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/11/04 Bland script makes Garfield a pussycat

Seattle PI 6/11/04 Even Bill Murray can't save lackluster 'Garfield'

Coming Soon 6/11/04 Garfield: The Movie

NBC13 6/11/04 Review: 'Garfield' Far From Purrfect

Hollywood Reporter 6/11/04 Garfield: The Movie

Boston Globe 6/11/04 Lacking big laughs, 'Garfield' goes to the dogs

Louisville Channel 6/11/04 'Garfield' Far From Purrfect

Detroit News 6/11/04 A computerized Garfield is no big, fat, hairy deal

Knox News 6/11/04 'Garfield' best shoveled out with the kitty litter 6/11/04 Murray is the cat's meow; film is another matter

Cinescape 6/11/04 Photos: Seeing a big fat kitty named Garfield

Houston Chronicle 6/11/04 'Garfield' tries too hard to be the cat's meow

Toronto Star 6/11/04 Garfield coughs up a furball


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Garfield Official Website

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Celebrity Spider - Nick Cannon


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