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All Randall the Goose wants is to enjoy a summer evening date with the lovely Etta. But the evil Congreve Maddox (Chevy Chase), gourmet cook/school principal, wants to win a prestigious cooking contest - and his prize-winning recipe features….you got it! So Maddox kidnaps Randall right from under Etta's wings. While Maddox fattens Randall up at his home, the bird becomes friends with the neighbor child, Will, who has recently lost his mother and consequently the ability to speak. It takes Randall awhile to figure out what all this fattening is all about - silly goose! - but once he does, his new found friends swing into action. Will finds his voice in the midst of his crusade to help Randall, and persuades his dad, his teacher, and even Congreve Maddox's mother to help him with his plan to save the bird.


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