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Expelled for a crime he did not commit, Harvard journalism student Matt Buckner finds himself derailed from the path to a promising future.  His bitterness and lost focus lead him to London , where his sister Shannon (Claire Forlani) and her husband Steve (Marc Warren) live.  Matt meets Steve’s younger brother Pete, a member of the close-knit Green Street Elite (GSE), soccer’s West Ham United supporters.  Known as a “firm,” these groups are associated with British football teams.  Among the firms there is one aim – to develop a fearsome reputation and thus earn the respect of the other firms by such tactics as humiliation and physical domination.    Matt initially experiences a thrill from the violence and the sense of brotherhood in the GSE that he has never before known.  But as jealousy and resentment of the outsider develops within some of the other GSE, it creates a powder keg of emotion just waiting for a lit fuse.  The ignition comes in the form of information about Matt’s past discovered by his rivals.  The tragedy that ensues causes Matt to come to terms with his actions and re-evaluate his future.


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