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Jeff is a suave, cute, successful, thirty-something high-fashion photographer. Turns out he's also a bit of a perv. He meets 14-year old Haley on the Internet, and the two arrange to meet at a coffee shop. Things seem to really be going Jeff's way when Haley suggests they head back to his place. She even finds the vodka and mixes up some drinks. But the victimizer finds himself the victim a few hours later when he wakes up to find himself tied down and Haley rifling through his things. Haley's motive isn't robbery, however. Her object is a confession that she isn't the first teenage girl Jeff has brought home, and even better, some hard evidence about Donna Mauer, another teen who disappeared from the coffee shop. If Jeff isn't willing to give it up, Haley has another plan. It seems she's learned a few things while surfing the 'net, especially on a site that might be called torture.com….


News Articles about Hard Candy


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