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In this movie Charlize Theron plays a French socialite and photographer is having the time of her life on the eve of World War II.  She shares an apartment with a student, Guy and Mia, a refugee from Spain. Guy and Mia feel impelled to join the fight against fascism, and the three friends are separated,  seemingly forever.


News Articles about Head in the Clouds


Journal Now 11/25/04 Despite having Theron on board, Head in the Clouds never gets off the ground

Knox News 11/6/04 Theron again fearlessly shines in slow-moving 'Clouds'

Toronto Star 10/22/04 Heads clouded by sex and spies

Santa Cruz Sentinel 10/15/04 Theron struts her stuff in ‘Clouds’

Zap2It 10/5/04 A Couple That Acts Together Has 'Head in the Clouds'

Chicago Sun-Times 10/1/04 Head in the Clouds - Roger Ebert Review

Seattle PI 10/1/04 It has fascism, romance, even Paris, but 'Head in the Clouds' generates no sparks

Houston Chronicle 10/1/04 'Clouds' is mushy but has substance

Boston Globe 9/24/04 Absurdity, theatrics fill 'Clouds'

Salon 9/17/04 "Head in the Clouds"

NY Daily News 9/17/04 Pretty 'Head' is turned by sex, not logic

Newsday 9/17/04 Head in the Clouds

NY Daily News 9/16/04 'Clouds' stars, in love for reel

USA Today 9/13/04 Neck injury keeps Theron off red carpet

IGN 4/12/04 Snapshots from Head in the Clouds


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