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About Hoot

Based on Carl Hiaasenís popular Newberry Honor-winning novel of the same name, Hoot chronicles the adventures of three middle school students who take on Florida ís insatiable land developers and the dirty politicians who pave their way.  The crusading young teens are led by a Montana boy named Roy Eberhardt (Logan Lerman) who has recently moved from Montana to Florida , where he uncovers an alarming threat to a local population of endangered owls.  Resolved to safeguard the natural elements of his new home, Roy and his friends work together to prevent the adults in charge from making an irreversible mistake. 

Hoot is packed with clever twists, offbeat characters and shrewd humor that make it an enjoyable film for all ages.  The film is produced by Jimmy Buffet, who also stars as Marine Science teacher Mr. Ryan.   Also featured are Brie Larson as Beatrice, Cody Linley as Mullet Fingers, Luke Wilson as Officer Delinko, Brandon Agan, Tom Brainard, Natalie Clark, Dean Collins, Clark Gregg, Tim Blake Nelson, Robert Wagner, Eric Phillips and Stephanie Singleton.

News Articles about Hoot


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