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Quentin Tarantino presents this grisly and terrifying thriller drawn from the darkest recesses of human nature. The film is a deeply disturbing amalgam of true stories from the worlds of human trafficking, sex tourism and international organized crime. It tells the story of two adventure-bound college buddies, Paxton (Jay Hernandez) and Josh (Derek Richardson) who set out to backpack through Europe, determined to make some X-rated memories along the way. The pair is lured by a fellow traveler to a promised nirvana - an out of the way Slovakian hostel chock full of Eastern European beauties sure to fill the boys' memory banks. Distracted by the good time they're having, the Americans soon find themselves trapped in a very dangerous, perverse and frightening situation.


News Articles about Hostel


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Digital Spy 2/27/06 Slovakian officials concerned over 'Hostel'

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NY Daily News 1/9/06 'Hostel' forces invade 'Narnia'

Jam! 1/7/06 'Hostel' gets a zero-star review

NY Daily News 1/7/06 Don't go there

Asbury Park Press 1/7/06 Tarantino-produced "Hostel" is hostile, indeed

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Toronto Star 1/6/06 Movie Review: Hostel pours on the gore

Extra 1/6/06 Tarantino Stirs Up the Scares in 'Hostel'

Metro 1/6/06 Gory Hostel should just shut down

Houston Chronicle 1/6/06 Delivers on good, sick fun

Jam! 1/6/06 'Hostel' hostile film to watch

Jam! 1/6/06 'Hostel' gets a zero-star review

Seattle Times 1/6/06 Blood, gore don't make up for lack of plot

Coming Soon 1/6/06 Hostel's Jay Hernandez

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Hollywood Reporter 1/5/06 Hostel

Zap2It 1/5/06 Being a 'Hostel' Star is Torture for Hernandez

Entertainment Weekly 1/4/06 Hostel

Asbury Park Press 1/4/06 Review: 'Hostel' Not for Faint of Heart

Zap2It 1/3/06 Roth Checks Into Dark Places for 'Hostel'

NY Post 1/1/06 Super 'Hostel'

MTV 12/29/05 'Hostel' Exclusive Clip: Sneak A Peek At The Twisted Thriller

Cinescape 12/27/05 Hostel Soundtrack Due January 24th


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