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The happy day has finally arrived, Rachel (Piper Perabo) and Heck (Matthew Goode) are about to be wed. As she is walking down the aisle, Rachel looks up and meets the eyes of the person she wants to spend her life with. Unfortunately for Heck, it isn't him Rachel is looking at. It's the woman hired to do the flowers. Well, better to find out now. The would-be wedding day is instead the beginning of a journey of romance and humor.


News Articles about Imagine Me & You


The Trades 6/20/06 Imagine Me & You

Houston Chronicle 2/17/06 An upbeat film that lacks in wittiness

Chicago Sun Times 2/3/06 Imagine Me & You Review by Roger Ebert

Jam! 2/3/06 'Imagine Me & You' a pretty bit of fluff

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/3/06 'Imagine' lacks imagination 2/3/06 'Imagine Me & You' rushing toward the exit

Seattle PI 2/3/06 'Imagine' adds an engaging twist to matters of the heart

Metro 2/3/06 Imagine a twist on love

Metro 2/3/06 Comedy’s a Goode flick

Chicago Tribune 2/3/06 `Imagine' forgets plot key to comedy

USA Today 1/27/06 Girl gets guy, then girl in 'Imagine Me & You'

Zap2It 1/26/06 Imagine Me & You


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