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Darrell (Usher Raymond) is the hottest DJ in town, and every girl wants him. So it's Dolly Pacelli's lucky day when her Mafia boss dad is nearly killed - and Darrell saves his life! So impressed is Don Pacelli (Chazz Palminteri) with the young man's bravado that he hires Darrell to watch over the beautiful Dolly (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Dad should've seen it coming - the two star-crossed kids fall in love. And although the life of a DJ's main hottie is not at all what the Don envisions for his little girl, he has so many other Mafioso type things to deal with. He's at the brink of war with another family, a ruthless young rival is challenging his position as don….you know how it is.


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Metro 12/6/05 Usher bomb hits Lions Gate profits

Jam! 12/2/05 Bad 'Mix' for Usher

Metro 12/2/05 Mix needs smarts

Jam! 12/2/05 Usher only bright spot in 'Mix'

Journal Now 12/1/05 No mixed feelings about In the Mix

Jam! 12/1/05 Usher movie co-star in Hollywood mix

Entertainment Weekly 11/30/05 In the Mix

Hollywood Reporter 11/28/05 In the Mix

Chicago Tribune 11/26/05 Genre jumbled `In the Mix' is out of sync 11/26/05 Usher's 'In the Mix' out of sync

Knox News 11/26/05 Usher digs being a playboy on big screen and in real life

AJC 11/25/05 'In the Mix': Not much drama, but Usher is everywhere

Seattle Times 11/25/05 Do-it-all attitude takes Usher to new horizons

NY Daily News 11/25/05 Some 'Mix': Limp comedy

Seattle PI 11/25/05 Usher's suits stand out but not much more in the cliched 'In the Mix'

Teen Hollywood 11/23/05 Emmanuelle Chriqui: "In the Mix" with Usher

Zap2It 11/23/05 Ushering Mob Mentality 'In the Mix'

Dallas Morning News 11/23/05 Usher liked broad appeal of 'In the Mix'

TV Guide 11/23/05 Entourage Beauty Likes to Mix it Up

Teen Hollywood 11/22/05 “Mixing” It Up with Usher

Zap2It 11/21/05 Usher Loses Himself 'In the Mix'

Metro 11/21/05 Usher has a new movie and big plans

MTV 10/31/05 Usher Hopes 'Mix' Will Put Him On Path To Becoming The Next Will Smith

MTV 10/25/05 Usher Lures Emmanuelle Chriqui Away From Lesbian Roles

Teen Hollywood 9/22/05 Usher In The Mix


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