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About I, Robot


This movie stars Will Smith as Chicago Police Detective Del Spooner during the year 2035 when robots are workers for their human owners.  The story is based on a Isaac Asimov sci-fi book by the same name where the robots begin to violate the so called Laws of Robotics such that they never harm humans.


News Articles about I, Robot


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CBS 7/19/04 Will Smith, King Of Summer

Philly.com 7/19/04 He, Will Smith, is the Fresh Prince of July

Houston Chronicle 7/19/04 Should we really worry about thinking robots?

MegaStar 7/19/04 Smith's Robot success

BBC 7/19/04 Will Smith squishes Spidey

Hollywood Reporter 7/19/04 Smith summer streak continues with 'I, Robot' debut

BBC 7/19/04 I, Robot conquers US box office

BBC 7/19/04 The evolution of movie robots

Boston Herald 7/19/04 Smith's `Robot' makes grand entrance

Ananova 7/19/04 Will tops US box office


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I, Robot Official Website


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Celebrity Spider - Will Smith


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