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Beyond the sound bites, former Marine Anthony Swofford shows us what it really means to be at war in the Middle East in this screen adaptation of his best-selling book. The account follows "Swoff" (Jake Gyllenhaal), a third-generation enlistee, from bootcamp to active duty as a sniper scout in a platoon headed up by career Marine Sergeant Sykes (Jamie Foxx). Swofford and his fellow Marines endure blazing, blinding heat and sunshine, carrying sniper's rifles and hundred pound packs while constantly on the alert for Iraqi soldiers who pose an ever-present threat. The Americans brave the hardships with sardonic wit and dark comedy. Peter Sarsgaard plays Troy, Swoff's friend, mentor, and a hard core soldier in their elite unit.


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Christian Science Monitor 11/4/05 'Jarhead' is a big gulf with no war

Santa Cruz Sentinel 11/4/05 Like the war which it portrays, 'Jarhead' never quite feels complete

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Boston Globe 11/4/05 With 'Jarhead,' the battle is trying to stay interested until the action starts

AJC 11/4/05 'Jarhead' aspires to, but never quite achieves, greatness

Journal Now 11/4/05 Over There: Marine's Desert Storm memoir makes a pretty good war movie

Baltimore Sun 11/4/05 Grunt Work

Toledo Blade 11/4/05 Movie review: Jarhead ***

Knox News 11/4/05 War flick supplies mood rather than action


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