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Set in San Francisco , "Just Like Heaven" is a romantic tale of love across the boundaries of our physical and metaphysical worlds. It follows David (Mark Ruffalo) who is visited in his new apartment by Elizabeth, a pretty, but controlling woman who appears insisting the apartment is hers and then mysteriously disappears. Convinced Elizabeth is a ghost, David tries to help her cross over to the other side, but Elizabeth is equally convinced that she is still alive. As Elizabeth and David search for the truth about her present state, their relationship deepens into love. Unfortunately, they have little time before their prospects for a future together permanently fade away.

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Knox News 9/18/05 Scattershot 'Heaven' soundtrack fails to distinguish itself

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NBC13 9/16/05 Review: 'Just Like Heaven' Lives Up To Its Name

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Chicago Tribune 9/16/05 Late Expectations

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Metro 9/16/05 Just like garbage

Toronto Star 9/16/05 Even flesh isn't willing in cold tale about love

Houston Chronicle 9/16/05 Heaven's love story eventually dies out

NY Times 9/16/05 A Wonderful Afterlife, but Must Share Bath

Detroit News 9/16/05 'Heaven' falls short of divine

Seattle PI 9/16/05 There's not much life in bland supernatural romance 'Just Like Heaven'

Jam! 9/16/05 'Just Like Heaven' is a treat

USA Today 9/16/05 Ruffalo ascends to the next level in 'Heaven'

NY Daily News 9/16/05 'Just Like Heaven' more like anti-science propaganda

USA Today 9/16/05 Co-stars twinkle in cutesy 'Heaven'


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