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Ashley (Lindsay Lohan) is living a charmed life; you might even say she’s the luckiest person in the whole wide world!  The wealthy, young and beautiful New York socialite is at the top of her game: just graduated from college, embarking on a promising career, everything’s going her way, but she does kinda take all this good fortune for granted….  Then one night at a masquerade ball Ashley kisses a handsome young stranger named Jake (Chris Pine) who is living a luckless life; you might even say he’s the unluckiest person in the whole wide world!  Somehow, that kiss magically swaps Ashley’s good luck for Jake’s unrelenting misfortune and hilarity ensues.  This is a cute film, rounded out by the performances of Samaire Armstrong as Maggie; Bree Turner as Dana; Faizon Love as Phillips; Makenzie Vega as Caty; Chris Carmack as David Pennington; Missi Pyle as Peggy; Jaqueline Fleming as Tiffany: Dane Rhodes as Mac; Tovah Feldshuh, Strawn Bovee and Henry Jaderlund. 


News Articles about Just My Luck


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