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About King Kong


King Kong is a  gigantic gorilla captured in the wild and brought to civilization.  The huge animal is often misunderstood by stupid humans and chaos usually ensues.


News Articles about King Kong


Cinema Spider 4/10/06 King Kong Premieres on Pay Per View May 11th

Celebrity Spider 4/10/06 Peter Jackson: "Naomi Watts Deserved King Kong Oscar"

Stuff 4/10/06 Kong stars going ape over DVD release

Celebrity Spider 4/9/06 Peter Jackson: "I Wanted a Comic King Kong"

BBC 4/4/06 Kong DVD breaks studio's record

Cinema Spider 4/3/06 King Kong Roars on DVD

The Trades 4/2/06 King Kong (Widescreen Edition) (2005)

Dallas Morning News 3/31/06 Small screen makes the story of the big, bad ape look fake

Jam! 3/29/06 Jackson plans extended 'Kong' DVD

USA Today 3/28/06 Will 'Kong' be the DVD king?

Seattle PI 3/28/06 This Week's Hot Pick: 'King Kong'

NY Post 3/28/06 Monkey Business Hits Home Screens 

TV Guide 3/27/06 King Kong Unleashes a Beast of a DVD

Jam! 3/26/06 'King Kong' DVD exhilarating

Toronto Star 3/25/06 Kong promotion, round two: DVD sales

Entertainment Weekly 3/23/06 Action Jackson

BBC 3/13/06 King Kong conquers Empire Awards

New Zealand Herald 3/7/06 Three Oscars for Peter Jackson's King Kong

New Zealand Herald 3/7/06 Kong gong gives Weta boss entry to exclusive Oscar club

MegaStar 3/2/06 Kong and get it!

BBC 3/2/06 King Kong leads Empire award nods

Coming Soon 2/27/06 King Kong DVD Specs Announced

Stuff 2/23/06 King Kong to feature in new Universal Studios ride

Digital Spy 2/20/06 There's more 'King Kong' to come

Hollywood Reporter 2/15/06 TBS, TNT chain 'Kong' for '08

Herald Sun 2/12/06 Kong is the king


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