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In this action comedy, Robert Downey, Jr. plays a small-time crook posing as an actor who arrives in Los Angeles for an unlikely audition, only to land himself an unwelcome role in a murder investigation.  Also involved are his high school fantasy girl (Michelle Monaghan) and the detective (Val Kilmer) who has been training him for his upcoming role.


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Toledo Blade 6/15/06 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' feels like a '90s blockbuster

Jam! 6/13/06 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang' on DVD

New Zealand Herald 3/17/06 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Knox News 11/18/05 His partying days over, Downey's back with a bang

Knox News 11/18/05 Clever neo-noir comedy a pearl of offbeat pulp

Journal Now 11/17/05 Downey, Kilmer perfect in sharp, funny film noir

Celebrity Spider 11/12/05 Val Kilmer: "Robert Downey Jr is Tender"

Baltimore Sun 11/11/05 Downey, Kilmer lace movie with sly sly fun fun

NBC13 11/11/05 'Lethal' Screenwriter Returns With A 'Bang'

CBS 11/11/05 Robert Downey Jr. Gets A 'Kiss'

Houston Chronicle 11/11/05 Mystery leads us on a mild goose chase

NBC13 11/11/05 Review: 'Kiss Kiss' Zany, Memorable Ride

Detroit News 11/11/05 Hot kiss, big bang

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/10/05 'Kiss Kiss' masters bang-bang delivery

NBC13 11/9/05 Big 'Bang Bang' Theory: Star Michelle Monaghan Is Born

Seattle PI 10/29/05 Script writer's back in action, now directing too

Seattle PI 10/28/05 Black comedy 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang' is Tarantino lite

Seattle Times 10/28/05 "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang": Noir parody is dark dark, laugh laugh

NBC13 10/27/05 Val Kilmer Is Back With A 'Bang Bang'

Chicago Sun-Times 10/23/05 Clowning around with 'Kiss Kiss' co-stars

Celebrity Spider 10/22/05 Robert Downey Jr Horrifies by Smelly Val Kilmer Kiss

Chicago Sun-Times 10/21/05 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang - Roger Ebert Review

Metro 10/21/05 Director taps L.A.'s dark side

Zap2It 10/21/05 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (R)

Chicago Tribune 10/21/05 Dizzy plot doesn't diminish `Kiss'

NY Times 10/21/05 Los Angeles Detective and New York Thief Channel 'Pulp Fiction'


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Websites about Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang


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