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About Land of the Dead

"George A. Romero's Land of the Dead" is the fourth installment of the "Night of the Living Dead" series following "Night of the Living Dead", "Dawn of the Dead" and "Day of the Dead".  Now the zombies have taken over the earth and the remaining humans live on a small secluded strip of land, with two sides cut off by rivers.  With anarchy on the rise, the living must regroup to protect themselves from the living dead outside.

News Articles about Land of the Dead


Seattle PI 10/18/05 This Week's Hot Video: 'Land of the Dead'

The Trades 10/16/05 George A. Romero's Land of the Dead (Unrated Director's Cut) (2005)

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Entertainment Weekly 7/1/05 Long Live the Dead

Jam! 6/26/05 George A. Romero shows guts

Chicago Sun Times 6/24/05 Land of the Dead, Review by Roger Ebert

Zap2It 6/24/05 Romero's 'Dead' May Rise Again

Detroit News 6/24/05 Zombies rule 'Land of the Dead' 6/24/05 Filmmaker lives among the 'Dead'

Globe and Mail 6/24/05 Land of the Dead ***

Chicago Tribune 6/24/05 For the 4th time, `Dead' live again

Jam! 6/24/05 'Land of the Dead' has life

Toronto Star 6/24/05 Zombies' revenge

Houston Chronicle 6/24/05 Land is best of zombies and Romero

OC Weekly 6/24/05 Dead Director Rises Again

Seattle Times 6/24/05 Once more, with feeling: Zombies take a moral stand in killer new "Dead

Boston Herald 6/24/05 Corpse corps can't save `Dead'

Seattle PI 6/24/05 You can't keep a good zombie movie with social commentary down

NY Daily News 6/24/05 Latest 'Dead' has humor with bite

Seattle Times 6/24/05 Once more, with feeling: Zombies take a moral stand in killer new "Dead"

The Trades 6/23/05 "Land of the Dead" Movie Review

USA Today 6/23/05 Thrills, spills awaken 'Dead'

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/23/05 'Dead' scares up little sympathy for zombies

Zap2It 6/23/05 'Dead' Heads Debate 'Land' Meanings

Toronto Star 6/23/05 Back among the Dead

Boston Globe 6/22/05 Leguizamo has fun with zombie scenario


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