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This page has links to news and websites about the Lord of the Rings movies


About Lord of the Rings


One of the most popular books of the 20th Century turned into an exciting motion picture "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring".  J.R.R. Tolkien's epic trilogy of good versus evil, extraordinary heroes, wondrous creatures and dark armies of terror kicks off with "The Fellowship of the Ring."  In a small village in the Shire a young Hobbit named Frodo has been entrusted with an ancient Ring. Now he must embark on an Epic quest to the Cracks of Doom in order to destroy it.


News Articles about Lord of the Rings


Cinema Spider 10/19/10 Lord of the Rings Reunion 2010

Digital Spy 9/9/10 'Lord Of The Rings Online' relaunch delayed

Chicago Sun Times 6/28/10 Lord of the 'Rings' trilogy may direct 'Hobbit' as well

NY Daily News 2/11/10 'Lord of the Rings' fan uses life savings to make prequel movie; 'Born of Hope' becomes Web hit

BBC 12/31/09 Lord of the Rings' Peter Jackson is made Knight

Hollywood Reporter 12/30/09 Peter Jackson named a New Zealand knight

MTV 12/8/09 Peter Jackson Reveals Which 'LOTR' Stars Will Return For 'The Hobbit'

TMZ 11/27/09 Peter Jackson -- The Lovely Bones
BBC 9/26/08 No punitive damages in Rings case
LA Times 8/19/08 The 'Rings' team returns to write 'The Hobbit' with Guillermo del Toro
MTV 7/2/08 Guillermo Del Toro Answers 'Hobbit' Fans' Questions About Returning 'Rings' Cast, Religion And More
Coming Soon 6/4/08 Christopher Lee Would Return as Saruman
Digital Spy 5/29/08 James McAvoy to play Bilbo Baggins?
Stuff 5/28/08 Tolkien's son attempts to stop Hobbit

Digital Spy 4/19/08 Thurman regrets turning down 'Rings' role

Celebrity Spider 3/11/08 Ian McKellen is Desperate to Land Gandalf Role

NY Times 2/16/08 ‘The Rings’ Prompts a Long Legal Mire

Celebrity Spider 2/12/08 Tolkien Estate Sues Movie Bosses

NY Times 2/12/08 Tolkien Heirs Sue New Line Over Millions From ‘Rings’

Hollywood Reporter 2/12/08 Tolkien Trust sues New Line

BBC 2/12/08 Rings film studio sued for $150m

Celebrity Spider 1/18/08 Elijah Wood Desperate to Revive Hobbit Role

IGN 1/3/08 Howard Shore - The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King - The Complete Recordings

Celebrity Spider 12/16/07 Producer Files Anther Suit Over Lord of the Rings Profit

Celebrity Spider 11/28/07 Ian McKellen Turned Down Less Superior Harry Potter Role

Celebrity Spider 6/7/07 Actors Sue for Lord of the Rings Profits

BBC 6/7/07 Rings actors sue over merchandise

USA Today 6/7/07 15 actors sue New Line Cinema over 'Lord of the Rings' profits

BBC 1/11/07 Jackson ruled out of Hobbit film

Zap2It 1/11/07 New Line Chief Blasts Peter Jackson

NY Times 11/30/06 To Web Fans, Peter Jackson Is the One True Director

Celebrity Spider 11/28/06 Peter Jackson Hobbit Return on the Cards?

Celebrity Spider 11/28/06 Sir Ian McKellen Optimistic of Peter Jackson Return

Celebrity Spider 11/27/06 Elijah Wood Blasts New Line for Peter Jackson Hobbit Snub

Celebrity Spider 11/24/06 Ian McKellen Saddened by Peter Jackson Hobbit Snub

BBC 11/22/06 Fans protest over Hobbit decision

Celebrity Spider 11/21/06 Peter Jackson: "I'm Not Making The Hobbit"

Celebrity Spider 11/6/06 Tolkien House Up for Sale

Celebrity Spider 7/13/06 Dominic Monaghan Stole Hobbits Feet

Celebrity Spider 6/9/06 Christopher Lee Dreamt of Being Gandalf

Celebrity Spider 6/7/06 Lord of the Rings Star Turns to Music

Dot Music 5/28/06 'Rings' music tops soundtrack poll


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Websites about Lord of the Rings


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Websites about Lord of the Rings Stars


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