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Lords of Dogtown
Lords of Dogtown
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About Lords of Dogtown


This movie follows a group of teenage surfer boys in the Dogtown neighborhood of Venice California as they develop a new style of skateboarding in the empty swimming pools of unsuspecting neighbors.  As their hobby becomes a worldwide counterculture phenomenon it turns into a big business, straining the friendships of the group.


News Articles about Lords of Dogtown


Jam! 10/21/05 Alva 'shreds' light on 'Dogtown'

Entertainment Weekly 9/29/05 Lords of Dogtown

Boston Herald 6/15/05 Skateboard pioneer clams up on movie

Orlando Sentinel 6/4/05 Sk8er boi flies high

Toledo Blade 6/3/05 Movie review: The Lords of Dogtown ****

Baltimore Sun 6/3/05 'Dogtown' lacks bite of original

Knox News 6/3/05 Flick catches mad air, but haven't we seen this before?

Santa Cruz Sentinel 6/3/05 The Z-boys are back in the gritty and thrilling ‘Lords of Dogtown’

Chicago Sun-Times 6/3/05 Lords of Dogtown- A review by Roger Ebert

Teen Hollywood 6/3/05 Movie Review: Lords of Dogtowns

Journal Now 6/3/05 Fast-moving film shows the meteoric rise of three '70s skateboarder

Detroit News 6/3/05 Catch some air in 'Dogtown'

Houston Chronicle 6/3/05 Acting, skating good reasons to watch Dogtown

Globe and Mail 6/3/05 Lords of Dogtown **½

Seattle PI 6/3/05 Birth of modern skateboarding is a fascinating tale

NY Times 6/3/05 When California Started Sliding on Little Wheels

Toronto Star 6/3/05 All strut and no stuff from board crowd

Jam! 6/3/05 'Lords of Dogtown' gnarly, dude!

Chart Attack 6/3/05 Gone To The Dogs

USA Today 6/3/05 Everyone into the empty pool

Seattle Times 6/3/05 The street punks who ramped up skateboarding

NY Daily News 6/3/05 Skateboard saga just spins its wheels

Jam! 6/3/05 Skater epic no dog

Philly.com 6/3/05 Cool moves, but 'Dogtown' is a skate-bore

Teen Hollywood 6/2/05 Nikki Reed: “Dogtown Lady”

Zap2It 6/2/05 Hardwicke's a Woman Among Z-Boys

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/2/05 Skating spectacle well-filmed

Boston Herald 6/2/05 `Dogtown' daredevils: True story tells how young skateboarders launched national craze

USA Today 6/2/05 Dogtown' diligence

Entertainment Weekly 6/1/05 Lords of Dogtown

Metro 6/1/05 FX house rebuilt Venice for 'Dogtown'

Teen Hollywood 6/1/05 They’re the “Lords of Dogtown”

Access Hollywood 6/1/05 Heath Ledger Goes To The 'Dogs'

Zap2It 6/1/05 'Dogtown' Stars Weather Aches and Pains

Philly.com 5/29/05 'Dogtown' director had the right roots

NY Post 5/29/05 Wheel Deal

Hollywood Reporter 5/27/05 Lords of Dogtown

Access Hollywood 5/26/05 Heath Ledger Goes To The 'Dogs'

IGN 3/3/04 Reed Goes to Dogtown

IGN  12/13/01 Lords News


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