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Freed from Dogville (2003), Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard) is traveling the Deep South of the 1930's with her father (Willem Dafoe) and his army of villains. The group takes a rest stop by a large, padlocked iron gate. A boulder at the entrance proclaims the name of the plantation is Manderlay. Just as the party is about to leave, a young black woman rushes up and knocks desperately on Grace's car window. Grace ignores her father's admonition to stay out of the situation, and follows the girl through the plantation gates to find an astonishing site: people living as if slavery had never been abolished.  Feeling an obligation to help, Grace decides she must make right what the slaves had endured at the hands of her people. Then, having seen to their liberation, Grace decides to stay on to see the newly freed farmers through their first harvest. Her father grudgingly agrees; he leaves her with a lawyer and four other men, and a warning that he will not be there when her plans for the restoration of Manderlay fall apart. Also stars Danny Glover.


News Articles about Manderlay


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