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11/29/09 A Dog Named Christmas Premieres Tonight on CBS

7/21/09 CBS Announces Upcoming Movie "A Dog Named Christmas"

1/21/09 "The Dark Knight" Returns to IMAX Theatres for Encore Presentation January 23

1/21/09 Tom Selleck Stars in New Television Movie Jesse Stone: Thin Ice on CBS

1/21/09 Ashlee Simpson to Guest Star on CSI: NY Wednesday March 18

1/16/09 NBC Offers "The Last Templar" Preview Online

1/12/09 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy to Air January 31 on ABC

1/5/09 Monsters vs Aliens Movie Announces Special Super Bowl 3D Event

12/19/08 Tracy Pollan to Star in The Natalee Holloway Story on Lifetime Network

12/16/08 Overlooked Movies of 2008

12/12/08 Star Trek to be Released as IMAX Movie May 8, 2009

12/12/08 While She Was Out Starring Kim Basinger Premieres in Theatres Tonight

12/9/08 14th Annual Critics Choice Awards Nominations Announced

12/9/08 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Air on ABC December 22

12/9/08 Chronicles of Narnia to Air on ABC Christmas Eve

12/4/08 Jessica Biel Brings Holiday Cheer to Sick Kids in Los Angeles

12/3/08 Brittany Murphy and Jason Lewis to Star in Nora Roberts Tribute

12/1/08 Jim Carrey to Appear in Comedy Central Special Reel Comedy: Yes Man December 15th

11/24/08 FOX to Air World Broadcast Premiere Movie "Click" on Thanksgiving

11/24/08 Jennifer Love Hewitt Stars in Animated Adventure "Delgo"

11/19/08 ABC to Air Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas on December 5th

11/19/08 Joan Cusack and Mae Whitman to Star in Lifetime Original Movie "Acceptance"

11/17/08 Jim Carrey to Narrate Latest IMAX 3D Film Under the Sea 3D

11/12/08 Twilight - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Dawns at #1: Soundtrack Album

10/28/08 Jennifer Lopez Signs Production Deal With Universal Media Studios

10/27/08 Lifetime Announces Four New All Original Movies From Author Nora Roberts

10/27/08 Lifetime Announces 2009 Original Movie "Nora Roberts' Midnight Bayou"

10/23/08 John Stamos and Robin Tunney Star in Lifetime Move "The Two Mr. Kissels"

10/22/08 Hugh Jackman Discusses Upcoming "Australia" Movie

2/17/08 Knight Rider Special Movie Event Tonight on NBC

2/8/08 ABC Presents "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" February 9

2/8/08 Val Kilmer Assumes Role as Voice of "Kitt" on NBC's Knight Rider Move Event

1/19/08 CBS Announces "AFI 10 Top 10" to Honor Greatest Films to Air June 2008

1/13/08 "Comanche Moon" Miniseries Premieres Tonight on CBS

1/8/08 Pamela Anderson to Appear Tonight on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno"

1/7/08 First Look Studios Announces DVD Release of Pamela Andersons "Blonde & Blonder

12/14/07 Pamela Anderson's "Blonde & Blonder" to Hit Theatres January 18

12/14/07 CBS To Broadcast "The Notebook" Saturday December 15

12/13/07 First Look Studios Announces DVD Release of "Smiley Face" January 8

12/13/07 First Look Studios Announces DVD Release of Vin Diesel's "Strays" January 15

12/13/07 First Look Studios Announces DVD Release of "Sex and Breakfast"

12/13/07 CBS to Air "The Russell Girl" Starring Amber Tamblyn January 27

12/13/07 CBS to Air "Good Night and Good Luck" Starring George Clooney December 29

12/11/07 Access Hollywood Announces Top 10 Best Films in 2007

11/24/07 Val Kilmer, Steve Zahn & Rachel Griffiths to Star in "Comanche Moon" Miniseries

11/12/07 Stars Announced for CBS Special "Movies Rock" to Air December 7

11/12/07 Will Ferrell Stars in "Elf" on CBS December 22

11/12/07 Tom Selleck Stars in CBS TV Movie "Jesse Stone Sea Change" to Air Dec 1

11/9/07 "Mr. Bean's Holiday" DVD to be Released November 27

11/6/07 "The Bourne Ultimatum" to be Released on DVD December 11

11/5/07 "White Noise 2" to be Released on DVD January 8

10/29/07 SpongeBob SquarePants Movie "Atlantis SquarePantis" to Debut November 12

10/25/07 Lyons & Bailes Reel Talk Lines Up Roster for November Sweeps

10/24/07 Evan Almighty Comes to Pay Per View November 20

10/11/07 CBS Announces "Movies Rock" Entertainment Special December 7

10/11/07 CBS Announces "The Russell Girl" TV Movie Starring Amber Tamblyn

10/11/07 Val Kilmer & Rachel Griffiths to Star in "Comanche Moon" Miniseries

9/1/07 Production Begins on "Jesse Stone: Thin Ice" Starring Tom Selleck

5/24/07 Oceans Twelve to be Broadcast on CBS Saturday June 2

5/8/07 Spider-Man 3 Makes Motion Picture History With $382 Million Opening

5/8/07 NBC Announces Movie of the Week "National Treasure" to Air May 20

5/8/07 Million Dollar Baby to Air on CBS Sunday May 20

5/8/07 AFI's 100 Years....100 Movies Counts Down the 100 Greatest Movies of All Time

5/8/07 Tom Selleck to Star in CBS Television Movie "Jesse Stone: Sea Change"

5/8/07 The Day After Tomorrow World Broadcast Premiere May 17th on FOX

1/22/07 FOX Movie Special X2: X Men United to Air February 4th

1/10/07 Paula Abdul Joins Creative Team of Bratz: The Movie

12/30/06 ABC to Broadcast "Seabiscuit" Saturday January 20th

12/30/06 CBS Announces "The Valley of Light" to be Broadcast January 28th

12/17/06 ABC to Air Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl on Christmas

12/17/06 Production Stars on ABC Movie "A Raisin in the Sun"

11/26/06 ABC to Air "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" Saturday December 9th

11/26/06 ABC to Air "Finding Nemo" Saturday December 16th

11/16/06 "The Polar Express" Makes Its Network Television Premiere December 1st

11/16/06 FOX Announces Bruce Almighty to be Broadcast November 24th

11/16/06 FOX to Broadcast Spider-Man 2 Thursday November 23rd

11/10/06 Shrek 2 to be Broadcast on ABC Network on November 24th

11/10/06 ABC Adds "Shrek the Halls" to it's Library of Holiday Classics

11/8/06 NBC Announces Star Studded Holiday Movie "The Year Without Santa Claus"

10/30/06 Paris Hilton Stars as Sorority Queen in National Lampoon's Pledge This!

10/3/06 Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets to Air on ABC Network October 21st

10/3/06 Alicia Silverstone and Annabeth Gish Star on CBS's Candles on Bay Street

8/25/06 Tripping Forward Wins Grand Champion Award

8/8/06 Debra Messing to Star in USA Network's "The Starter"

7/19/06 Viral Site Announced for "My Super Ex Girlfriend"

7/2/06 Dave Chappelle's Block Party Premieres on Pay Per View July 13th

6/21/06 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Coming to IMAX

6/12/06 Pixar "Cars Drives Interest in Historic Route 66

6/9/06 Something New, Nanny McPhee, Munich & The Producers Coming to Pay Per View

6/9/06 Television Movie "Saving Milly" to be Rebroadcast on CBS July 9th

6/9/06 Mission Impossible II Starring Tom Cruise to be Broadcast on CBS July 8th

6/9/06 Kate Hudson Stars in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" on CBS July 2nd

6/9/06 Deep Impact to be Broadcast July 1 on CBS

6/7/06 Ivana Trump Picks Paris Hilton to Play Her in Movie

6/6/06 Barnyard to Be Released in Theaters August 4th

6/2/06 Deadwood to Close With Movies

5/31/06 ABC to Air "Toy Story 2" Saturday June 10th

5/31/06 CBS to Air "What Women Want" Starring Mel Gibson Sunday June 18th

5/19/06 Lindsay Lohan Injures Both Feet While Filming Unlucky Film

5/15/06 Stephen King's Desperation Three Hour Original Movie to Air May 23rd

5/15/06 Will Smith and Gene Hackman Star in Enemy of the State May 27th

5/15/06 ABC to Air "Freaky Friday" on May 26th

5/15/06 ABC to Air "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" May 25th

5/10/06 X-Men: The Last Stand Preview to Air on FOX May 11th

5/10/06 Halle Berry is Ready to Start a Family

5/10/06 Britney Spears Eyes George Clooney

5/9/06 Britney Spears Confirms Pregnancy

5/7/06 Scientology Official Comments About Tom Cruise

5/2/06 Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley Top Summer Movie Star Ranking Poll

4/29/06 Jake Gyllenhaal Offends Gulf War Veterans

4/27/06 Friends With Money Soundtrack Available May 9th

4/26/06 Britney Spears is Five Months Pregnant

4/25/06 Barnyard Movie Uses State of the Art Animation Techniques

4/24/06 Columbia Pictures Launches RV Pile Up Game

4/21/06 Val Kilmer Stars in CBS Miniseries "Comanche Moon"

4/19/06 NBC's 10.5: Apocalypse to Premiere May 21st and 23rd

4/18/06 Katie Holmes & Brooke Shields Deliver Babies at Same LA Hospital

4/18/06 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Sets IMAX Record

4/17/06 Paramount Pictures "Barnyard" to be Released in Theatres July 28th

4/17/06 The Da Vinci Code Online Puzzle Adventure Announced

4/16/06 Scary Movie 4 Sets Box Office Record

4/11/06 Julia Roberts Discusses Broadway Play & Ocean's Thirteen

4/11/06 Jessica Simpson Meets With Dallas Producers

4/10/06 King Kong Premieres on Pay Per View May 11th

4/10/06 Principal Photography Completed for The Stranger Game Starring Mimi Rogers

4/10/06 Evangeline Lilly Failed to Recognize Hobbit at Lost Audition

4/9/06 Pride and Prejudice Premieres on Pay Per View This Week

4/9/06 Peter Jackson: "I Wanted a Comic King Kong"

4/7/06 Paris Hilton Slams Mother Teresa Rumors

4/6/06 DreamWorks Announces Animated Film "Punk Farm"

4/5/06 Undiscovered Band Contest Announced for "John Tucker Must Die" Movie

4/5/06 Catherine Keener Defends Jennifer Aniston on TV

4/5/06 Jessica Alba Forgives Playboy Over Into the Blue Photo

4/4/06 Laguna Beach Star Lands First Feature Film

4/3/06 King Kong Roars on DVD

4/2/06 New York Movie Theater Pulls Trailer for United 93 After Audience Complaints

4/2/06 Jessica Simpson Lands Pamela Anderson Baywatch Movie Role

3/27/06 Sharon Stone Supports Basic Instinct 2 Co-Star David Morrissey

3/25/06 Jennifer Aniston Considers a Move Away From Hollywood

3/21/06 Jennifer Aniston: "Rumor Has It Was Worst Experience of My Life"

3/19/06 ABC to Broadcast "The Ring" April 1st

3/19/06 Tom Selleck Stars in Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise CBS Television Movie

3/16/06 Gabe Kaplan Comments on Welcome Back Kotter Movie

3/16/06 Amanda Bynes Speaks About Young Hollywood, Tabloids and Paparazzi

3/10/06 Dave Chappelle's Block Party Soundtrack in Stores March 14th

3/10/06 Judi Dench and Clive Owen Support Daniel Craig and the New James Bond

3/10/06 Felicity Huffman on Her Cinderella Night

3/10/06 Sadie Frost Unsure if Jude Law Cheated With Nicole Kidman

3/9/06 Catholic Initiative Supports Disclaimer for The Da Vinci Code Film

3/8/06 Failure to Launch Premiere to Launch MySpace Contest

3/7/06 Jennifer Lopez Unrecognizable in New Movie

3/7/06 Jennifer Lopez Picked to Play Oberon by the Dead Star Herself

3/7/06 Madonna Quits Acting

3/3/06 John Travolta and Queen Latifah to Star in "Hairspray" Movie

3/3/06 Hustle and Flow Earns Oscar for Original Song "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp"

2/28/06 CBS Announces "Time Bomb" Sunday Movie March 19th

2/27/06 Fans Get to Slug it Our in New Contest for "Slither" Movie

2/26/06 Tyler Perry's Family Reunites at #1 With $30 Million Opening Weekend

2/23/06 Sopranos Star Shocked by Kate Winslet's Foul Mouth

2/23/06 Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes to Work Together

2/22/06 Lindsay Lohan Turns DJ at Wrap Party

2/22/06 Keira Knightley Dating Pride & Prejudice Co-Star

2/21/06 Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom Tease Keira Knightley

2/18/06 A Triple Crown Week for Beyonce Knowles

2/17/06 Hilary Swank: The New Muse of Guerlain

2/17/06 Latin Superstars Cast in Upcoming Movie "For the Love of the Game"

2/17/06 Paul Walker Attacked by Canine Co-Star

2/16/06 Jennifer Aniston Gets Naked for Film Scene

2/15/06 "Final Destination 3" Grosses $19,173,000 in Strong Box Office Debut

2/14/06 A Triple Crown Week for Beyonce Knowles

2/9/06 Website Launched for Game 6 Movie

2/9/06 Pamela Anderson to Make Cameo in Baywatch Movie

2/6/06 Tom Hanks Stars as "Forrest Gump" on ABC February 25th

2/4/06 Angelina Jolie Heading to Sin City?

2/4/06 Kelly Clarkson Stunned by Film Reference

2/3/06 Keira Knightley Teased Over Oscar Nomination

2/2/06 The Da Vinci Code Movie to Premiere May 19, Sequel Speculation Started

2/2/06 Pre-Production Begins on The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

1/31/06 Ashton Kutcher Stripped of Kabbalah Icon

1/31/06 Keira Knightley Drifts Off After Oscar Nomination

1/31/06 Felicity Huffman Close to Realizing Her Dreams

1/31/06 George Clooney Couldn't Sleep Over Oscar Nods

1/31/06 Julia Roberts Responds to George Clooney's History Making Nominations

1/30/06 Ralph Fiennes Warms to Harry Potter

1/29/06 Sienna Miller: "Jude Law Was Ruining My Career"

1/29/06 Kiefer Sutherland Set for 24 Movie

1/28/06 George Clooney Asked Renee Zellweger For Weight Advice

1/28/06 The Clock is Ticking on Eric Bana's Return as the Hulk

1/22/06 Jennifer Lopez Plans Reggaeton: The Movie

1/19/06 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to Air on ABC February 4th

1/16/06 Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion Soundtrack in Stores February 21st
1/10/06 Scarlett Johansson Regrets Wardrobe Malfunction

1/9/06 Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to Remake Classic Western

1/9/06 Angelina Jolie Takes Out Ads as Part of Her Bid to Change Kids Names

1/7/06 Kate Beckinsale: "I'm Not Kate Winslet"

1/6/06 Peter Jackson Promotes Gorilla Plight With King Kong DVD Release

1/5/06 George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh Back for Oceans 13

1/3/06 Match Point Scores a Hit in Its Opening

1/3/06 King Kong Star Serkis Upsets Gorilla Girlfriend


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