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When her marriage fails, Josey Aimes (Charlize Theron) returns with her two children to her hometown in Northern Minnesota , hoping to build a better life for her family.  Her friend Glory (Frances McDormand) encourages Josey to join her in the ranks of the few female miners in town at the local Eveleth Mines.  Although Josey anticipated that the work would be difficult and dangerous, she did not bargain for the harassment, sexual and otherwise, that she would have to endure from the male miners.  Despite disapproval from her parents (Sissy Spacek and Richard Jenkins), children, and virtually the entire community, Josey fights back.  Eventually rallying her coworkers to join her, Josey’s struggles lead to the first major sexual harassment lawsuit in US history, paving the way for countless others to follow.  The film is a fictionalized account of the landmark case Jensen vs. Eveleth Mines.


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