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Ocean's Twelve (Advance)
Ocean's Twelve (Advance)
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In this sequel to Ocean's 11, set three years after the original, Daniel Ocean recruits one more team member so he can pull off three major European heists in Amsterdam, Rome, and Paris.  They need the money to payback their last theft to avoid being killed.


News Articles about Ocean's Twelve


Cinema Spider 5/24/07 Oceans Twelve to be Broadcast on CBS Saturday June 2

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Teen Hollywood 12/13/04 Ocean's Twelve On Top

Sky News 12/13/04 'Twelve' Steals Top Spot

BBC 12/13/04 CZJ feels the power of the Ocean

Ananova 12/13/04 Ocean's 12 tops US box office

Hollywood Reporter 12/13/04 'Ocean's' breezes to top of boxoffice

BBC 12/13/04 Ocean's Twelve raids box office

USA Today 12/13/04 'Ocean's' star power dazzles at the box office

NY Daily News 12/13/04 Clooney & crew stealin' hearts

Zap2It 12/12/04 'Oceans' Sequel Steals the Top Spot

Coming Soon 12/12/04 Ocean's Twelve Steals First Place

St Petersburg Times 12/12/04 'Ocean's Twelve' bests 'Treasure' in debut

CNN 12/10/04 Review: 'Ocean's Twelve' high-spirited fun

Baltimore Sun 12/10/04 Washed up

Seattle PI 12/10/04 Soderbergh takes a gamble with twists in 'Ocean's Twelve'

Boston Globe 12/10/04 Ocean's Twelve - Grand theft

Christian Science Monitor 12/10/04 Oceans of fun with this dozen

NBC13 12/10/04 Review: Self-Absorbed 'Ocean's Twelve' Is Witty Fun

Chicago Sun-Times 12/10/04 Roger Ebert Review - Ocean's Twelve

CNN 12/10/04 Review: 'Ocean's Twelve' high-spirited fun


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