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From master of the macabre Wes Craven, the ultimate computer virus strikes when a group of young students begin to investigate the suicide of a friend.  The kids suspect that an internet web cam may have somehow played a role in the youngster’s death.  Images of the dead friend emerge in the shadows on the wall, computers show strange, eerie images.  It seems the kids have opened a high tech portal into a world beyond, and the connection cannot be closed.  As users turn on cell phones or log into email, the invaders get in and are able to take from you what they crave most – life.   Stars Kristen Bell, Jonathan Tucker, Ian Somerhalder, Christina Milian, Ron Rifkin, and Rick Gonzalez.


News Articles about Pulse


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Knox News 8/12/06 Weak plot short-circuits 'Pulse's' intended chill factor

NY Times 8/12/06 In Creep-Out Film “Pulse,” Teenagers Face Evil Screen Savers

Jam! 8/12/06 Horror flick 'Pulse' is lifeless

NY Daily News 8/12/06 Eek-Mail! Cyber tale's frighteningly bad

Newsday 8/11/06 'Pulse'

Houston Chronicle 8/11/06 Nice effects, but has no frights, no acting and no pulse

Zap2It 'Pulse' 8/11/06

Orlando Sentinel 8/11/06 'Pulse' (1 star out of 5)

Slashfilm 6/12/06 Movie Trailer: Pulse


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