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Martin Lawrence plays a high profile and high strung college basketball coach who gets demoted to coach of a junior varsity team after a public meltdown.  The coach must use the opportunity to redeem himself. 


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Journal Now 7/7/05 Rebound's got heart but not many laughs

Houston Chronicle 7/3/05 Working with Martin Lawrence was the highlight for Rebound cast

Jam! 7/1/05 A goofy 'Coach Carter'

Chicago Sun Times 7/1/05 Rebound, Roger Ebert Review

Boston Herald 7/1/05 For hoops and whoops, grab this `Rebound' 7/1/05 Lawrence's 'Rebound' a hoops comedy most foul

Detroit News 7/1/05 Familiar 'Rebound' is full of the same old plays

Seattle PI 7/1/05 Dull predictability keeps 'Rebound' on the bench

CBS 2 7/1/05 Rebound

Seattle Times 7/1/05 "Rebound" shoots an air ball

Houston Chronicle 7/1/05 Martin Lawrence misses in fouled Rebound

NY Daily News 7/1/05 On this 'Rebound,' we've got lame

Newsday 7/1/05 'Rebound'

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/30/05 Lawrence doesn't 'Rebound'

Zap2It 6/30/05 Martin Lawrence Is on the 'Rebound'

NY Daily News 6/30/05 A 'Rebound' for Lawrence

Entertainment Weekly 6/29/05 Rebound Review


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