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This film is based on the long running, award-winning musical, which is in turn based on the Puccini opera La Boheme.  The setting is the gritty East Village neighborhood of New York, in which a group of friends struggle with the harsh realities of poverty, disease, homelessness, AIDS and, of course, paying the rent.  The group strives for acceptance of their offbeat lifestyles while “measuring their lives in love.” 


News Articles about Rent


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AJC 11/25/05 'Rent': Rock musical brings new magic to urban street scene

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Washington Post 11/25/05 'Rent' star Rosario Dawson knows all about living on little in NYC

NY Times 11/25/05 Nostalgic for an East Village That Eludes the Big Screen

Journal Now 11/24/05 Engaging cast pumps the energy into lavish Rent

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Globe and Mail 11/23/05 Rent **½

Extra 11/23/05 'Rent' Makes Jump from Stage to Big Screen

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Newsday 11/23/05 Rent moves to silver screen

NBC13 11/23/05 Review: 'Rent' Exuberant Celebration Of Life Against All Odds

Toronto Star 11/23/05 Music pays the Rent

Seattle PI 11/23/05 'Rent,' the film, is still a powerful gut punch

NY Times 11/23/05 New Tenants in Tinseltown

CTV 11/23/05 'Rent' an unimaginative rendering of musical


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