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Sarah Huttinger (Jennifer Aniston) feels like she’s settling.  Although she aspired to be a journalist, her career has come to a dead end at the New York Times obituary column.  She’s finally agreed to marry her boyfriend (Mark Ruffalo), but isn’t sure he’s what she really wants, or that marriage is what she really wants.  It is in this state of mind that Sarah returns home to Pasadena for her sister’s wedding, which means a lot of time spent with her tennis-obsessed family, with whom Sarah has never really felt she belonged.


During the trip, Sarah discovers a shocking family secret.  It seems that her family provided the inspiration for “The Graduate.”  Worse, she just might be the offspring of the affair.  In the midst of the discovery, Sarah meets Internet millionaire Beau Burroughs (Kevin Costner), and history repeats itself as Sarah becomes embroiled in an affair with the older man.  However, their relationship helps Sarah uncover some truths about her family and allows her to discover who she truly is.


News Articles about Rumor Has It


Celebrity Spider 3/21/ Jennifer Aniston: "Rumor Has It Was Worst Experience of My Life"

Christian Science Monitor 12/30/05 It's best to squash this 'Rumor'

Knox News 12/30/05 Cliche-laden 'Rumor' lacks seductive spark

NBC13 12/27/05 Review: Truth Is, 'Rumor' Is Awful

Baltimore Sun 12/25/05 Romance is just a rumor in 'Rumor Has It'

Seattle Times 12/25/05 "Rumor Has It . . . ": Nice try, but it's no "Graduate"

Toledo Blade 12/25/05 Movie review: Rumor Has It 12/24/05 Stars can't salvage bad comedy

Charlotte Observer 12/24/05 'Rumor' will bore even gossips

Chicago Sun Times 12/23/05 Rumor Has It Review by Roger Ebert

Detroit News 12/23/05 'Rumor Has It ' Aniston could do better

Jam! 12/23/05 'Rumour has it' ... this film sucks

AJC 12/23/05 'Rumor Has It...' is as fresh as a subpar sitcom

Toronto Star 12/23/05 Rumour Has It: Some skeletons should stay buried

Seattle PI 12/23/05 'Rumor Has It...': Aniston gets a nice break

Metro 12/23/05 Rumour doesn’t quite have it

NY Daily News 12/23/05 Actually, 'Rumor' doesn't have it

Newsday 12/23/05 'Graduate' fans, the word is plastic

Metro 12/23/05 Jen: You’ve seen it all

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/22/05 'Rumor' several degrees shy of 'The Graduate'

Zap2It 12/22/05 Rumor Has It ...

USA Today 12/22/05 'Rumor Has It' flunks 'The Graduate' test
Teen Hollywood 12/21/05 Talkin’ “Rumors” with Jennifer Aniston and Shirley MacLaine

Zap2It 12/21/05 Playboy Founder Forbids Use of Photo in Film

Coming Soon 12/20/05 Jennifer Aniston is Moving On & Moving Up

Zap2It 12/20/05 'Rumor Has It' Is a Family Affair

Hollywood Reporter 12/19/05 Rumor Has It

Metro 12/19/05 Suvari on rumour control

Access Hollywood 12/16/05 Jen Spreads The 'Rumor'

Extra 12/16/05 Aniston Attends 'Rumor Has It' Premiere, No Vince in Sight

Teen Hollywood 12/9/05 Rumor Has It...Rumor Maker Program

ET Online 12/6/05 Kevin Costner Has A 'Rumor'

Celebrity Spider 9/13/05 Shirley Maclaine Impressed With Jennifer Aniston's Professional Conduct

Entertainment Weekly 8/10/05 Rumor Has It

ET Online 7/22/05 Jennifer Reveals Her 'Rumor'


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Websites about Rumor Has It


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