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Oh what a tangled web…. Joey Gazelle (Paul Walker) is a low-level mob guy, and he's not likely to be moving up (in fact, he could be moving six feet down) if his bosses find out what he's been doing with the "hot" guns he's entrusted with disposing. Instead of throwing them in the river (isn't that Mobster 101?), Joey has been hiding the guns - all with a body on them - in his own basement. One day, Joey's 10 year-old son (Alex Neuberger) and his best friend, Oleg (Cameron Bright) see Joey hide some guns from a botched drug deal. Obviously Joey also has some parenting issues. Oleg steals one of these guns, which happened to be used to off a dirty cop, and shoots his abusive stepfather (Karel Roden). Okay, that's not necessarily so bad, but it turns out the stepfather happens to be the nephew of a Russian mob boss (John Noble) - a psychotic Russian mob boss, at that! - who just happens to be in business on a gasoline scam with (what are the odds?) Joey's own crew. Now Joey has the surviving dirty cop (Chazz Palminteri) from the botched drug deal on his case, and that gun is still out there on the street, being passed around a seedy underworld. Somehow Joey has to get it back. And even if he somehow manages to succeed and survive, he still has to face his wife (Vera Farmiga), and Joey has some serious splainin' to do.


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