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Detective Eric Mason (Donnie Wahlberg) has a hunch.  The murder he is investigating looks like the work of Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), the brutal killer who left a trail of mutilated bodies and then simply vanished.  Unfortunately, Detective Mason is right.  Jigsaw has returned with an even more ghastly game in which eight strangers, with an undiscovered connection to one another, are locked away together.  The eight are pitted against each other in a deadly mind game that is their only hope of escape.


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Hollywood Reporter 2/23/06 'Saw II' tops weekly DVD charts

Jam! 2/17/06 'Saw II' DVD is too gory

Zap2It 12/6/05 'Saw' Horror Producer Dies at 42

Toronto Star 12/6/05 'Saw' producer dies 11/17/05 Creating a monster

Coming Soon 11/7/05 Saw III Confirmed

Santa Cruz Sentinel 11/4/05 Who's afraid of 'Saw II'? Many pass on invitation

Journal Now 11/3/05 Saw fans can see more of the same in Saw II - much more - it's a sequel

New Zealand Herald 11/3/05 Saw II makes Melbourne lads millionaires

MTV 11/2/05 'Saw II' Eye-Plucking Scene: A Fateful Moment For Mudvayne

AJC 11/1/05 'Saw II' follows the bloody trail of the original

E!Online 10/31/05 "Saw II" Much for Competition

NY Daily News 10/31/05 That's 'Saw'-some! Chiller nets $30.5M 10/31/05 Saw II cuts deep

Zap2It 10/30/05 'Saw II' Hacks Through Box Office 10/30/05 'Saw II' cuts down 'Zorro' at box office

Toronto Star 10/28/05 Saw II: Bloody cut to the chase

AJC 10/28/05 'Saw II' follows the bloody trail of the original

Zap2It 10/28/05 Jigsaw's Success Doesn't Puzzle 'Saw II' Star

Toledo Blade 10/28/05 Movie review: Saw II *

Knox News 10/28/05 Cranked out quickly, Saw's sequel a chaotic gore-fest

Teen Hollywood 10/28/05 Beverley Mitchell: Far from “Heaven”

Boston Globe 10/28/05 Suspenseless 'Saw II' lacks predecessor's edge

Chicago Tribune 10/28/05 `Saw II' does in crew of ciphers 10/28/05 The ickiest ick that movie money can buy

Detroit News 10/28/05 'Saw II' sequel has all the blood -- but not enough guts


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