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Irreverence knows no boundaries in the latest Scary send up, for which David Zucker and Bob Weiss reunite to take aim at the most popular fright films, box office blockbusters, celebrities, music, pop culture and current events.  The War of the Worlds, The Grudge, The Village, Saw & Saw II, and Million Dollar Baby are just some of those square in the cross-hairs.  Anna Faris returns as charming but clueless Cindy Campbell, along with her always willing side-kick Brenda.  Craig Bierko joins in this time as the too cute to be smart Tom Ryan.  Together this formidable team battles to save the earth from merciless aliens; and they do other good deeds and heroic stuff, too.

It wouldn’t be a Scary Movie without a parade of outrageous celebrity cameos, including:  Carmen Electra, Shaquille O’Neal, rap artists Chingy and Lil’John, Bill Pullman, Dr. Phil, Molly Shannon, Chris Elliott, Bill Pullman, Michael Madsen and the return of our intrepid Commander in Chief, Leslie Nielsen; and count on some surprises, too.


News Articles about Scary Movie 4


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NY Daily News 4/17/06 Easter moviegoers hail 'Scary'

Cinema Spider 4/16/06 Scary Movie 4 Sets Box Office Record

Fox News 4/16/06 'Scary Movie 4' Sets Easter Weekend Record With $41 Million

Coming Soon 4/16/06 Easter Bunny Delivers 4th Scary Movie Hit

ET Online 4/16/06 'Scary Movie 4' and Dr. Phil Break Records!

Knox News 4/15/06 Yes, spoof's predictable; but it's pretty funny, too

Houston Chronicle 4/14/06 If the previous three didn't scare you off, this one's great

Zap2It 4/14/06 'Scary' Director Loves Mocking Movies

Toledo Blade 4/14/06 Movie review: Scary Movie 4 **

Seattle PI 4/14/06 'Scary Movie': Fourth time's the Charmin as slapshtick & potty humor runneth over

Orlando Sentinel 4/14/06 'Scary Movie 4' (1 star out of 5)

Toronto Star 4/14/06 Good clean foot-hacking fun

Detroit News 4/14/06 Funtastic '4'

TV Guide 4/14/06 Anna Faris Loves a Scary Good Time 4/14/06 Parodies lost: The laughs are few in latest 'Scary'

Seattle Times 4/14/06 Humor proves tougher and tougher to scare up

NBC13 4/14/06 Review: 'Scary Movie 4' Fun, But More Of Same

CBS 4/14/06 Regina Hall Keeps On Ticking

Jam! 4/14/06 'Scary Movie' 4-gettable

Knox News 4/14/06 Punching in again

NY Daily News 4/14/06 'Scary' it's still here

Rocky Mountain News 4/14/06 It's 'Scary' as spoofs sputter for fourth time

NY Times 4/14/06 Parody Without Plot in 'Scary Movie 4'


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