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Here’s some evil you really don’t want to see:  Jacob Goodnight is seven feet tall and tips the scale at 400 pounds.  He has a steel plate screwed into his head – it’s rusty, of course – and his razor sharp fingernails are specially designed for plucking out the eyes of his victims.  As you might expect, Jake is kind of a loner.  He’s holed himself up in the abandoned, moldering and aptly named Blackwell Hotel.  He’s getting by quite well on his own, thank you, until one day eight juvenile delinquents show up.  The poor schmucks have been ordered to clean the nasty old building as part of their community service sentence.  Assigned to the group is (gasp) – what are the odds?! – the cop who put a bullet in Jake’s rusty-plated head four years ago!  It doesn’t take long until one of the group goes missing, and the others must battle this nightmare of a Goodnight in order to save her.  The film stars Kane, Glen Jacobs, Craig Horner, Tiffany Lamb, Penny McNamee, Christina Vidal, Cecily Polson, Rachel Taylor and Samantha Noble. 


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