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Shark Tale - Characters
Shark Tale - Characters
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In this movie the sea underworld is shaken up when the son of the shark mob boss is found dead and a young fish named Oscar is found at the scene. Being a bottom feeder, Oscar takes advantage of the situation and makes himself look like he killed the finned mobster. Oscar soon comes to realize that his claim may have serious consequences.


News Articles about Shark Tale


Hollywood Reporter 8/12/05 'Shark Tale' returns sink DWA earnings

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BBC 10/5/04 Will Feeds Off Jack's Energy

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CNN 10/1/04 Review: 'Shark Tale' goes swimmingly
NBC13 10/1/04 Review: 'Shark Tale' Will Slay You With Laughs

Seattle PI 10/1/04 'Shark Tale' swims in the shallow end of the fantasy pool

Boston Herald 10/1/04 Shark Tale 10/1/04 Originality sleeps with the fishes

Detroit News 10/1/04 Biting animated comedy delivers flashy fun for the whole family

NY Times 10/1/04 Fish With Stars' Voices in a Pop-Culture Sea

Newsday 10/1/04 Straight to sushi

Seattle Times 10/1/04 "Shark Tale" shows its flaws as star cast constantly jaws

USA Today 10/1/04 'Shark Tale': Familiar barrel of laughs 10/1/04 Shark Tale: drowning in cutesiness

NY Daily News 10/1/04 Whale of a 'Tale'

Chart Attack 9/30/04 Film Review: Shark Tale

Teen Hollywood 9/30/04 Smith's Son Forces Him To Re-record Movie

Newsday 10/1/04 Straight to sushi

Fox News 9/30/04 Will Smith Swims With the Fishes

USA Today 9/30/04 'Shark Tale' hunts for a spot in 'Shrek'-'Nemo' food chain

USA Today 9/30/04 'Shark Tale' leads computer-animation charge

BBC 9/30/04 Stars turn out for fishy fanfare 9/29/04 Star-toons: Shark Tale features celebs

Teen Hollywood 9/29/04 Jack Black: Sly Shark

The Trades 9/29/04 "Shark Tale" Review

USA Today 9/29/04 Whimsy flows at 'Shark' premiere

ET Online 9/29/04 Jack Black's 'Shark' Attack!

Zap2It 9/28/04 Sharks Swim for Best Animated Oscar

Extra 9/28/04 Sharkspeare in the Park

ET Online 9/28/04 Will & Crew Circle 'Sharkspeare in the Park'

USA Today 9/28/04 'Shark Tale' showcases celebrity 'toons

ET Online 9/27/04 Will Smith Kicks 'Shark' Tail!

Extra 9/27/04 Telling Tales

ET Online 8/18/04 Contest: Get Jiggy with the 'Shark Tale' Stars in Venice!

ET Online 8/10/04 Get Jiggy with Will & Angelina in Venice!

London Free Press 7/22/04 Shark Tale big splash in fest's film pool

ET Online 7/22/04 Will Smith Gets Finny in 'Shark Tale'

Chicago Tribune 7/21/04 'Shark Tale' to Premiere at Toronto Fest

Coming Soon 7/16/04 New Shark Tale Trailer and Site Surface


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