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Written by Spike Lee, this movie chronicles a tale about a biotech executive who is forced out of his job for whistle blowing.  He then takes up the profession of impregnating wealthy lesbians.


News Articles about She Hate Me


Baltimore Sun 9/24/04 'She Hate Me' is a mess, but it means well

Santa Cruz Sentinel 9/10/04 Public commentary meets sex farce in Spike Lee’s ‘She Hate Me’

Dallas Morning News 8/25/04 Faulting the formula 8/22/04 He's gotta say it: Spike Lee

Mercury News 8/20/04 Spike Lee does the wrong thing

Detroit News 8/20/04 Spike Lee's 'She Hate Me' couples disturbing ideas, really strange sex 8/20/04 Spike Lee takes the offensive

Salon 8/20/04 Female trouble

Toronto Star 8/13/04 Sex, money, drugs and temptation

Seattle PI 8/13/04 She gonna hate the movie, too

Globe and Mail 8/10/04 Spiky cipher

Chicago Sun Times 8/6/04 She Hate Me - Roger Ebert Review

Chicago Sun-Times 8/1/04 Movie newcomer finds a mentor in his director

Chicago Sun-Times 8/1/04 Spike Lee takes aim at corporate corruption

Newsday 7/31/04 Taking it to new levels

Salon 7/30/04 "She Hate Me"

NY Times 7/29/04 He Makes His Own Movies (Just Don't Try to Label Him)

Newsday 7/28/04 Lee's absurd fantasy: foxy lesbian moms in need

NY Times 7/28/04 In a Career Crisis, Falling Back on a Seminal Talent

USA Today 7/28/04 No love for Spike Lee's 'Hate Me'

NY Daily News 7/28/04 Spike Lee's latest: We 'Hate' thee

NY Daily News 7/27/04 An actor gets his foot in the door

NY Daily News 7/25/04 Spiking the system

Hollywood Reporter 7/24/04 She Hate Me

The Trades 7/8/04 "She Hate Me" Review

Byron Crawford 2/22/04 More on She Hate Me

MSNBC 2/20/04 Spike Lee has a new film and many opinions


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Celebrity Spider - Monica Bellucci


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