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In this screen adaptation of Steve Martin’s best-selling novella of the same name, Claire Danes plays “shop girl” Mirabelle, who spends her days in a department store behind a counter full of gloves and other accessories no one buys anymore.  Mirabelle dreams of pursuing her art, but the usual struggles of life – rent, food, minimum-credit card payments – keep getting in the way.  Other distractions include a pair of disparate boyfriends.  Rich, handsome, and much older Ray Porter (Steve Martin) sweeps into her life one day, and Mirabelle is captivated by the attention, the lifestyle, her desire to fall in love.  She stays with Ray, hoping her feelings for him will grow, but on the other hand there is Jeremy (Jason Schwartzman), a musician her own age, who might offer more - but should she take the chance?


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