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In this movie the discovery of a corpse during the taping of an environmental political ad threatens to unravel a bumbling local politician's campaign for governor of Colorado.


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Toledo Blade 10/8/04 Movie review: Silver City ****

Globe and Mail 9/21/04 'Nothing's more important than getting rid of George Bush'

Boston Globe 9/18/04 Sayles loses focus in formulaic 'Silver City'

Santa Cruz Sentinel 9/17/04 ‘Silver City’ throws ill-disguised darts at politics Dubya-style

Chicago Sun-Times 9/17/04 Silver City - Roger Ebert Review

Toronto Star 9/17/04 Silver tongue not on cast list

Seattle PI 9/17/04 John Sayles' timely political lampoon aims squarely at George W. Bush

NBC13 9/17/04 Review: Sayles' 'Silver City' A Bit Tarnished 9/17/04 Folksy candidate seems familiar

NY Times 9/17/04 Venal Handlers and a (Sort of) Innocent Politician

Seattle Times 9/17/04 "Silver City" is tarnished, but Chris Cooper is sterling

NY Daily News 9/17/04 A 'Silver'-tongued success

Newsday 9/17/04 Silver City

Denver Post 9/12/04 Split decision at "Silver City" premiere

Denver Post 9/12/04 Stars come for Denver debut; more on the way

NY Daily News 9/12/04 Power, corruption & lies

Salon 9/11/04 Sneak peek: "Silver City"

Denver Post 8/29/04 Is film event primed for Bush-whack?

Zap2It 8/13/04 Sayles' 'Silver City' Campaign in Colorado

Denver Post 8/12/04 'Silver City' strikes gold in Denver

Boston Globe 8/12/04 John Sayles to screen new film

Indy Star 7/6/04 Politics becomes all the rage in Hollywood

IGN 9/29/03 The Phantom of Silver City

IGN 8/5/03 Daryl & Denis Head to Silver City


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