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The folks of Wheelsy , USA are just minding their own business, enjoying the sleepy, quaint little town they call home.  They donít realize that an evil force has stealthily invaded their peaceful domesticity but it has arrived, and it is growing in strength.  At first, residents donít notice as missing pet notices go up all over town, or when one of the townís most influential citizens, Grant Grant (Michael Rooker) begins acting peculiarly.  But soon hideously mutilated livestock is discovered and a young woman disappears.  Sheriff Bill Pardy (Nathan Fillion) assembles his team, and with the help of Grantís wife Starla (Elizabeth Banks) they reveal the evil force that is assaulting their town.  The team confronts a primeval organism determined to consume all life on earth.  The film also features Gregg Henry, Tania Saulnier, Don Thompson, Brenda James, Jennifer Copping, Jenna Fischer and Haig Sutherland.


News Articles about Slither


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Jam! 4/8/06 Tania Saulnier slithers into Hollywood

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Orlando Sentinel 3/31/06 Slither (2 out of 5 stars)

Chicago Tribune 3/31/06 `Slither' mixes giggles with its shivers 3/31/06 Ewww, slithery red plumber-proof alien slugs ... sounds like fun

Detroit News 3/31/06 'Slither' pays tribute to everything gory

AM New York 3/31/06 Slither 

Toronto Star 3/31/06 Slither: Gags can't save horror parody

Metro 3/31/06 Slug film flawed

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/31/06 'Slither' oozes with parodies

Toledo Blade 3/31/06 'Slither' is crawling with clever references to other horror flicks

Hollywood Reporter 3/31/06 Slither

Mercury News 3/31/06 Fun 'Slither' mixes humor with horror

Jam! 3/31/06 'Slither' slugging it out

USA Today 3/31/06 'Slither' is an ever-swelling slug-fest

Jam! 3/31/06 Horror spoof 'Slither' is slimy fun

NY Daily News 3/31/06 'Slither's' alien invasion is a hilarious slug fest

Rocky Mountain News 3/31/06 Humor creeps into slimy 'Slither'

Seattle PI 3/31/06 'Slither': A slimey, fiendishly good time

NY Times 3/31/06 Extraterrestrials With an Appetite in 'Slither'

Zap2It 3/30/06 'Slither'

Coming Soon 3/30/06 Red Band Slither Clips Hit!

MTV 3/30/06 'Slither' Star Spends Shoot Covered With Brains, KY Jelly

Entertainment Weekly 3/29/06 Slither

Zap2It 3/29/06 Gore, Good Times on 'Slither' Set
Coming Soon 3/24/06 Slither Director James Gunn

Cinema Spider 2/27/06 Fans Get to Slug it Our in New Contest for "Slither" Movie

Coming Soon 1/15/06 New Slither Red-Band Trailer


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