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The continuing saga of photographer Peter Parkerís (Toby Maguire) struggle to live up to the responsibilities that come with being Spiderman.  Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) will once again be at his side to make it all a little easier.


News Articles about Spider-Man 3


Chicago Sun-Times 11/16/07 Spider-Man 3 - Roger Ebert review

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IGN 10/8/07 Advanced DVD Review: Spider-Man 3

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Hollywood Reporter 8/3/07 'Spider-Man' fall 3-pack on DVD, Blu-ray

MTV 6/26/07 Sam Raimi May Not Helm 'Spider-Man 4'; Wants Electro, Vulture As Villains If He Does

Zap2It 5/21/07 'Spider-Man 3' Swings Past $700 Million

BBC 5/15/07 Spider-Man keeps UK cinema lead

Coming Soon 5/13/07 Spider-Man Drops But Stays on Top

Newsday 5/13/07 Spidey hangs tough with $60 million

Hollywood Reporter 5/12/07 'Spider-Man 3' stays atop boxoffice Friday

Chicago Sun-Times 5/11/07 Spidey big, but fits in Howard's new life

Courier Mail 5/11/07 Lucas floors Spidey

TMZ 5/11/07 Spider-Man Signs -- Take It Your Way?

Knox News 5/11/07 CGI work challenged 'Spidey 3's' buff villain

MTV 5/10/07 'Spider-Man 3' Will Net A Whole Lot More, In Projection Booth

Hollywood Reporter 5/10/07 'Spidey' work proof of Technicolor's DI reach

BBC 5/9/07 Strong UK opening for Spider-Man

Ananova 5/9/07 Spidey film is full of bloopers

Cinema Spider 5/8/07 Spider-Man 3 Makes Motion Picture History With $382 Million Opening

Hollywood Reporter 5/8/07 Spidey climbs higher, rewrites b.o. record

E! Online 5/7/07 It's All About Spider-Man 3

Hollywood Reporter 5/7/07 'Spidey 3' captures record $148 mil in three days


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