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About Stealth


This movie is about a high tech Navy plane complete with artificial intelligence.  An elite squadron of pilots must work together to take down the plane when it develops a mind of it's own and tries to start a nuclear war.


News Articles about Stealth


Celebrity Spider 9/26/07 Jamie Foxx: "Stealth Was a Bad Film"

NY Times 8/1/05 'Stealth' Crashes on Takeoff at U.S. Box Office

Chicago Sun Times 7/31/05 Biel flexes for the big screen in 'Stealth'

Hollywood Reporter 7/29/05 Stealth

Newsday 7/29/05 Silly 'Stealth' a real ear-splitter

Baltimore Sun 7/29/05 For an action movie, 'Stealth' is looking good

Chicago Tribune 7/29/05 'Stealth' gives '2001's' HAL a jet-set friend

CBS 2 7/29/05 Stealth

Chart Attack 7/29/05 Film Review: Stealth

Detroit News 7/29/05 'Stealth' crashes before getting off the ground

Jam! 7/29/05 Biel's 'Stealth' fails to take off

Seattle PI 7/29/05 Action, action, action, but the script bombs

Jam! 7/29/05 'Stealth' director an 'intense' visionary

NY Daily News 7/29/05 Despite the fancy airborne action, 'Stealth' is a bomb

Seattle Times 7/29/05 "Stealth": When bang! and zoom! add up to zzzz

Toledo Blade 7/29/05 Movie review: Stealth

Chicago Sun-Times 7/28/05 Stealth - A Roger Ebert review

USA Today 7/28/05 'Stealth' might as well not even be there

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/28/05 'Stealth' moves at a blur with flimsy plot

Entertainment Weekly 7/28/05 Stealth

USA Today 7/27/05 Josh Lucas, getting hotter

BBC 7/27/05 Jamie: 'I ain't going on no - pretend - plane'

Chicago Tribune 7/24/05 `Stealth' director touts film's realistic action

Coming Soon 7/23/05 Cast & Director on Action-Thriller Stealth

IGN 8/18/04 Stealth Revealed

IGN 11/20/03 Biel Goes Stealth

IGN 10/15/03 Lucas Approaches Stardom with Stealth


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