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Do's and don'ts of getting a link on the Celebrity Spider  Getting listed is easy,  simple and free of charge! 




Read the information below that applies to you. 

 (Section "A" if you are linking back to us or "B" if not)


Follow the simple instructions. 


Feel free to give us any feedback that you feel may be



Accept our thanks for your suggestion!



Don't send us an email message that consists of only a URL with no explanation.  These are deleted.


Don't promise to link back and never to do so. 

Don't link back to us and then delete the link.


Don't add our link to a page that is impossible to find from your webpage.

We prefer to exchange links with sites that share the same topics that cover.  If your site is on topic and has 

no objectionable material, in most cases we will add it to our directory as long as you add a reciprocal link on your 

site back to our site.   Note:  Sorry, we will only list one Yahoo/MSN Group per topic. Also, we usually don't

accept a link on as a reciprocal link.  Also, reciprocal links should be in html format so the URL is not hidden from search engine bots.

A.) Steps to exchanging links with us if you have a website: (Go to Section B if you are not exchanging

links with us)


1.) Add a link on your site to the specific celebrity page that you want to be listed on.  It should link back to the 

same page where you want your link  (not our main domain) with a matching description (for example...

Cinema Spider: Harry Potter).  Please refrain from asking us to link to you first...its just a huge time waster 

and will probably delay us adding your link.


2.) Send us an email telling us you want to exchange links with your URL, page name and which page on

our site that you linked to.


3.) When we confirm that we added your link, please check it and make sure it is listed as you requested.


If you don't get a confirmation back within two days feel free to write us again.  If you did step one and 

two and we did not respond, somehow something went wrong and we want to know about it.


If for some reason, we don't want to exchange links with you, we will email back and tell you why within 

two days.  (Feel free to skip the next section if section A applied to you)


Webmasters:   See a number of recommended programs at Webmaster Resource Links.

B.) Steps to suggesting a link without exchanging links with us:


If you don't have a website and just want to suggest a link, please do!  Links from folks that want to help us 

increase the quality of the site are very appreciated and we get to them as quickly as we can.  Send us the URL

and what topic it should be listed under on our site.  We will consider it for inclusion but can't promise how 

fast that will happen.  Please tell us in the email message, that you don't have a website.


If you are a reporter or columnist for a major media company and want your article to be listed on our site, send

us the URL and we will try to post your link that day as long as it is on topic.  


If you have a website and didn't, can't or won't add a reciprocal link to our site, we would appreciate an explanation

of why not.  Email us your URL, website name and your explanation.  We will (in time) consider your site along 

with this explanation and may add your site.  Please understand that any link suggestions in this category are 

our lowest priority and it may take weeks or even years to be considered by our staff.  It is very possible that we

may not get around to sending an email response for these suggestions within your normal life expectancy so 

you may want to provide an alternate email address for a younger next of kin..   

Note:  If you have already tried this method and have waited longer than you would like, you are always free to 

start all over using  method "A" to get listed within two days.


Also:  If you don't have a "links page" and for some reason don't want to add links to your front page, why not 

make us your links page? That way you can offer a superb link page to your users without the hassle of building 

it and maintaining the links!  If this is the case then a link description that just says "Links" usually is fine with us.

Remember - if you later delete our link on your site, we will delete yours on ours.


Please note again, third parties suggesting sites other than their own or anyone 

that finds interesting articles issued by major newspapers or magazines are welcome

and  encouraged to help us improve the quality of the site by sending us those links.


Click here to send us your information.


We reserve the absolute right to decline to include any website, article or anything else at our sole discretion.

This site is not affiliated with any celebrity, movie or  production company.







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