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This story is about two brothers whose father is suspiciously murdered.  They are motivate one another to get back into the world of competitive motorcycle racing and achieve success.


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Teen Hollywood 8/20/05 Movie Review: Supercross: The Movie

Seattle PI 8/19/05 Love of the sport fails to carry 'Supercross' to glory

AJC 8/19/05 'Supercross' gets more than just the racing right

Asbury Park Press 8/19/05 "Valiant's" animated airborne division salutes wartime efforts

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/18/05 'Supercross' stalls out when it comes to plot

Jam! 8/18/05 Supercombo of everything dumb

NY Post 8/18/05 Motorcycle Crash & Burn

Jam! 8/18/05 'Supercross: The Movie' can't make the jump

Metro 8/18/05 Supercross flick oozes ineptitude

Newsday 8/18/05 And the award for noise goes to ... "Supercross'

Hollywood Reporter 8/17/05 Supercross: The Movie

Orlando Sentinel 8/17/05 Supercross: The Movie (1 star out of 5)

USA Today 8/17/05 'Supercross' sputters and dies

NY Daily News 8/17/05 Send 'Supercross' to its vroom

Zap2It 8/17/05 Supercross

Teen Hollywood 8/15/05 "Supercrossing” with Mike Vogel and Steve Howey

IGN 7/8/05 Preview: Supercross

ET Online 6/2/05 Rev Your Engines: 'Supercross' is Coming!


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