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About Suspect Zero


In this movie the FBI is searching for a serial killer.  The twist is that the killer is seeking out, finding and then killing other serial killers.  


News Articles about Suspect Zero


Dallas Morning News 8/28/04 Not feeling the love

Orlando Sentinel 8/27/04 Suspect Zero

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/27/04 Almost nothing makes sense in 'Zero'

Boston Globe 8/27/04 Cast, plot don't add any thrills to `Suspect'

Toledo Blade 8/27/04 Movie review: Suspect Zero **

CNN 8/27/04 Review: 'Suspect Zero' earns its title

Chicago Sun-Times 8/27/04 Suspect Zero - Roger Ebert Review

Teen Hollywood 8/27/04 Movie Review: Suspect Zero

Knox News 8/27/04 'Zero' stylish approach seems a bit suspect

Bergen Record 8/27/04 An intriguing puzzle in 'Suspect Zero'

Detroit News 8/27/04 As a serial killer movie, 'Suspect Zero' carries nothing but dead weight

NBC13 8/27/04 Review: 'Suspect Zero' Zeroes In On Suspense 8/27/04 A serial-killer mystery with near zero suspense 8/27/04 "Suspect Zero"

Toronto Star 8/27/04 Actors overcome bad script

Zap2It 8/27/04 Carrie-Anne Moss Plays Tough with 'Suspect Zero'

NY Times 8/27/04 A Serial Killer Who Stalks Other Serial Killers Is Loose

Seattle PI 8/27/04 'Suspect Zero' eludes any semblance of coherence

USA Today 8/27/04 Title of 'Suspect Zero' just about sums it up

NY Daily News 8/27/04 'Zero' lives up to name

Teen Hollywood 8/26/04 Carrie-Anne Moss: Beyond Trinity

Newsday 8/26/04 A serial killer who couldn’t scare less

Globe and Mail 8/25/04 Just don't hurt him

TV Guide 8/25/04 Aaron Eckhart: Unusual Suspect

Teen Hollywood 8/24/04 Aaron Eckhart: Close Encounter

Coming Soon 8/24/04 Exclusive: Aaron Eckhart on Suspect Zero

Zap2It 8/23/04 'Suspect Zero': When Psychics Meet Serial Killers 8/22/04 Actor felt as 'crazy' as his character

Boston Herald 8/22/04 Moss zeros in on what makes her life magic

IGN 8/3/01 Vampire Director Named Prime Suspect


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