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Syriana is a geographical term referring to Middle Eastern hot spots in the campaign against terrorism. This volatile setting provides the backdrop for this true story of CIA foot soldier Robert Baer (George Clooney) who spent 20 years in the trenches of the US war on terror. Based on the agent's own memoir "See No Evil," the film chronicles Baer's career spent investigating terrorists around the world. He watched as the CIA's funding was cut while the dangers of terrorism increased, politics overrode good judgement, and multiple warning signs were ignored. It all becomes personal when a civilian oil executive (Matt Damon) and his family are faced with tragedy.


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Celebrity Spider 1/30/06 George Clooney Asked Renee Zellweger For Weight Advice

Hollywood Reporter 1/14/06 'Capote,' 'Syriana' tie for Scripter Award

Metro 12/20/05 Egypt "Syriana" actor sees Hollywood gaining nerve

Santa Cruz Sentinel 12/16/05 The truth behind the fiction in 'Syriana'

The Trades 12/11/05 Syriana

Seattle Times 12/11/05 Clooney: "Syriana" means to puzzle

Denver Post 12/11/05 "Syriana" uncomfortable, just as director wants it


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