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In this clever and touching story, 10-year-old Lucas Nickle is the new kid in town: friendless, timid, and every cowardly school bully's dream. Too frightened and intimidated to retaliate against the real cause of his misery, Lucas takes out his frustrations on the residents of an ant hill in his backyard. One day, after a good soaking with a water gun, the ants have had enough. They magically shrink Lucas down to their own size, and force him to live the monotonous existence of an ordinary member of their colony. In his new role, Lucas will learn some life lessons about friendship, gain a new perspective, and will at last discover the courage to stand up for himself.

This animated film is directed by Academy Award nominated filmmaker John A. Davis and produced by Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman. Featured voice talent includes Nicolas Cage, Bruce Campbell, Zach Tyler Eisen, Paul Giamatti, Regina King, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Lily Tomlin, Larry Miller, Cheri Oteri, Ricardo Montalban, Alan Cumming, Jake T. Austin and Myles Jeffrey.

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