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Trying to recreate their glory days, which they never really had, Gus (Rob Schneider) and his nerdy buddies Richie (David Spade) and Clark (Jon Heder) form a three-man baseball team.  They are scouted by a fellow nerd, millionaire Mel (Jon Lovitz), who arranges for these men of summer to compete with the leanest, meanest Little League teams around.  Gus actually has a talent for the sport, thus becoming a hero for nerds everywhere and developing quite a following of outcasts.  When his groupies learn that their idol was once a school bully, they are outraged and betrayed.  Gus must go to great lengths to regain their trust and respect as he leads his three-man team to a championship game against the toughest and best Little Leaguers in the state. The film features the comedic talents of Brooke Langton, Tim Meadows, Lochlyn Munro, Joe Gnoffo, Garrett Julian, Molly Sims, Jillian Henry, Adam Sandler, Craig Kilborn and Norm MacDonald.


News Articles about The Benchwarmers


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