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About The Bourne Supremacy


This movie is a sequel to The Bourne Identity which also starred Matt Damon.  Damon plays expert assassin Jason Bourne who is trying to move forward as a new man, agent David Webb but he is still plagued by nightmares from his past life. After the Chinese vice-premier is murdered, the killer frames Bourne.  He must become Bourne again to catch the murderer and clear his name.  All the while he while he must also protect his girlfriend, Marie whose life is threatened by the unfolding events.


News Articles about The Bourne Supremacy


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Seattle PI 12/7/04 This Week's Hot Pick: 'The Bourne Supremacy'

BBC 8/16/04 Matt Damon aims to reign supreme

Zap2It 7/30/04 Monaghan Follows Damon from 'Supremacy' to 'Syriana'

Hollywood Reporter 7/27/04 'Bourne' reigns supreme atop weekend's boxoffice

Ananova 7/27/04 Damon tops US box office

Daily Record 7/27/04 Bourne's Supreme In The US Box-Office

E!Online 7/26/04 "Bourne" Supreme; "Cat" a Dog

BBC 7/26/04 Matt Damon beats Cat Woman

TV Guide 7/26/04 Matt Damon Re-Bourne

Digital Spy 7/26/04 'Bourne Supremacy' tops US box office

Hollywood Reporter 7/26/04 'Bourne' sequel nets $53.5 million; 'Catwoman' 3rd

Globe and Mail 7/26/04 Bourne reigns supreme over Catwoman

USA Today 7/26/04 'Bourne Supremacy' pounces on 'Catwoman'

ET Online 7/26/04 Matt's Natural 'Bourne' Winner

NY Daily News 7/26/04 Matt has 'Bourne'-again hit

Zap2It 7/25/04 'Supremacy' Slaughters 'Catwoman' at the Box Office

Coming Soon 7/25/04 Jason Bourne Reigns Supreme

BBC 7/25/04 Bourne sequel tops US film chart

Hollywood Reporter 7/25/04 Matt Damon 'Bourne' again atop boxoffice

Knox News 7/24/04 Damon's plausible identity helps second 'Bourne' succeed

The Trades 7/24/04 The Bourne Supremacy


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The Bourne Supremacy Official Website


Websites about The Bourne Supremacy


Celebrity Spider - Matt Damon


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