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This movie is about a team of scientists and cave explorers deep in the Romanian forest that find a giant underground cave system under the ruins of a 13th century Abbey. Local biologists believe that the cave is the home to an undiscovered eco system but diving into its depths they find that the cave may actually be home to a new species.

News Articles about The Cave


Journal Now 9/1/05 Daring divers lost in a cave in Romania run into a nest of unfriendly creatures

Jam! 8/28/05 Cave-dwellers

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Detroit News 8/26/05 'Cave' collapses on a dismal plot with flying monsters

NY Times 8/26/05 Traveling Beneath the Earth, the Explorers Become the Prey

Houston Chronicle 8/26/05 No mystery in The Cave

Toronto Star 8/26/05 There's no light at end of this tunnel

Hollywood Reporter 8/26/05 The Cave

USA Today 8/26/05 'The Cave': Like plunging into a bottomless pit

Globe and Mail 8/26/05 The Cave **

NY Daily News 8/26/05 Suspense gets lost in big, hollow 'Cave'

Jam! 8/26/05 'Cave' a dark and smelly place

Jam! 8/26/05 Horror flick 'The Cave' is the pits

Seattle PI 8/26/05 Flashy-looking 'The Cave' lacks substance and suspense 8/26/05 'Cave' at least knows when to wrap it up

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MTV 8/23/05 Rewind: 'The Cave' Has Us Asking Cinematically, What's In A Name?

Asbury Park Press 8/21/05 Perabo Takes a Dive

Entertainment Weekly 4/19/05 The Cave

Zap2It 1/9/04 Hauser Leads Divers to Doomed 'Cave'


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