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Chronicles of Narnia-Advance
Chronicles of Narnia-Advance
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About The Chronicles of Narnia

C. S. Lewis’s timeless children’s classic is brought to life by Academy Award winning director Andrew Adamson.  The story begins when the four Pevensie children – Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy – are sent from London to escape WWII bombing raids. They find the rural manor house of the eccentric professor Digory Kirke quite dull, until a game of hide and seek unexpectedly reveals a portal to a magical world hidden inside an old wardrobe.  This fantastic place is home to talking animals, centaurs, fauns, dwarfs and giants, and is presided over by the kind and wise ruler Aslan, a lion.  This once peaceful place is, however, in the midst of a struggle between good and evil.  The White Witch Jadis has condemned the land to eternal winter.  The children join forces with Aslan and his followers to release Jadis’s icy grip, and a spectacular battle ensues.


News Articles about The Chronicles of Narnia


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Ananova 5/17/06 Narnia 2 release put back

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Hollywood Reporter 4/13/06 'Narnia' vid roars in sellthrough debut

Dallas Morning News 4/7/06 DVD review: 'Narnia' does right by Lewis classic

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E!Online 2/2/06 "Potter," "Narnia" Set for Sequels

MTV 2/2/06 'Narnia' Sequel Keeps Cast And Director, Shoots For 2007 Release

Zap2it 2/2/06 Next 'Narnia' Nears

Digital Spy 2/2/06 Work begins on second 'Narnia' movie

Hollywood Reporter 2/2/06 'Narnia' sequel gearing up, Adamson in

Stuff 2/2/06 Kong and Narnia nominated for 7 Oscars

Jam! 2/2/06 'Narnia' sequel being planned

Stuff 2/2/06 Disney to make Narnia sequel

Hollywood Reporter 1/27/06 Two 'Narnia' versions to hit DVD in April

Hollywood Reporter 1/23/06 'Narnia' still reigns o'seas

BBC 1/18/06 Caspian to be second Narnia movie

BBC 1/16/06 Narnia's reign extends to month


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